Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO's) 
    The Georgia Department of Education promotes middle and high school student involvement in eight Career & Technical
    Student Organizations (CTSO's) to enrich the curriculum in the CTAE Pathways. Career and Technical Student
    Organizations (CTSO’s) are a vital part of Career, Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE). They play an integral
    role in preparing students to become college and career ready members of society who hold productive leadership roles
    in their communities. CTSO’s are committed to the growth of students in all CTAE career pathways.
    These organizations provide motivation, leadership training, and career development opportunities for students enrolled in
    CTAE programs in middle and high schools and enhance their occupational, employability and leadership skills through
    various activities such as conferences, award programs, service projects, and competitive events.   These organizations
    conduct activities and events at the local, state and national levels in which students can participate and compete.  The
    CTAE teachers at our schools are the advisors for the CTSO that matches their program. Due to varying program
    offerings across the district, all programs are not offered at every school.
    Click on the logos of each CTSO to learn more about these important student organizations:
    CTI     DECA     FBLA       FCCLA       HOSA      SkillsUSA     TSA-GA

    For more information visit the state's CTSO website: http://www.gactso.org/.
    When integrated into CTAE curriculum, the CTSO is a powerful instructional tool which offers organized curriculum-
    oriented activities that help students maximize employability, gain leadership opportunities, and develop personal
    skills which enable them to develop into productive members of society.

    CTSO’s are co-curricular organizations with leadership programs and competitive events which reflect current
    curriculum standards and competencies for the instructional programs they serve. Teachers infuse the CTSO's
    activities into the instructional activities, thereby helping students see the real world value of their academic studies. 
    The following list outlines the seven CTSO's promoted within Atlanta Public Schools; the program (career pathway)
    area(s) each CTSO supports and the website to obtain further information.


    Official CTSO Name

    Program Area

    CTSO Website


    Career and Technical Instruction

    Special Education Programs



    Distributive Education Clubs of America




    Future Business Leaders of America




    Family, Career & Community Leaders of America

    Family & Consumer Sciences



    Health Occupation Student Association

    Healthcare Sciences



    Technology Student Association

    Technology & Engineering



    Skills USA

    Technical & Service Occupations


    For more information visit the state's CTSO website: http://www.gactso.org/.
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