• Know Yourself
    Figure Out What You Like 
    If you're not sure what sort of college you might like to attend, learn more about yourself by taking a survey.
    The book College Match, by Stephen Antonoff, offers some great worksheets. Here's a link to Antonoff's websiteUnder the "Writing" tab, choose "College Planning Worksheets" from the dropdown menu. There you'll find a number of worksheets, including College Match Self-Survey, College Planning Values Assessment, Self-Knowledge Questionnaire, Qualities that will make a College Right for You, and Activities Experiences Worksheet. If you complete each of these worksheets, you'll have a much stronger idea of what sort of college will be a good fit for you.

    Figure Out What You Want To Do

    GAfutures (formerly Georgia College 411): A great resource for all colleges, universities, and technical schools in Georgia. Every Grady student likely has an account already. Use the website’s online tools to survey your interests, skills, and values to determine what careers you might be interested in. Search to see what schools in Georgia fit your interests.

    CollegeMajors101: Not sure what you want to major in? That’s ok--you don't have to know yet. But if you want to start exploring the possibilities, this site offers lots of information about what you can do with dozens of majors, and schools that have good programs.