Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Brandon Levy

Mr. Levy began teaching twelve years ago in 2008, as a substitute teacher in Fulton County Schools. Mr. Levy was noted to be a preferred substitute teacher in many local schools. During this time frame, Mr. Levy also began coaching young student-athletes in Football at Tri-Cities High School. Mr. Levy continued his employment as a para-professional at Fulton County Schools at Conley Hills Elementary School under the leadership of Serena Lowe, Principal, and Christina Freeman, Vice Principal. Mr. Levy also kept up his hobby of coaching and mentoring youth continuing as a football coach at Price Middle School. In search of a new start, Mr. Levy accepted a position at Benteen Elementary School as a Teacher, and during that time has been recognized as being a valuable asset to the Benteen Elementary School team. Mr. Levy personal belief in Educational philosophy is that “cant does notexist and that you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to if you work hard enough and believe in yourself.” Mr. Levy hobbies include coaching Middle School and High School Football, and teaching swimming as lifeguard at Welcome All Park in South Fulton County