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    Hello Seniors c/o 2025
    Welcome to your senior year - this is one of many emails that you'll receive from the guidance department.
    The goal here is to keep you obviously informed with a variety of important things related to your graduation and preparation for life beyond high school - so ALWAYS carefully read and save these emails!!!
    Senior pictures will take place this week - see HERE for details. 
    We have two new college advisers located in the CCC (college career center) for the 2024-25 and 2025-26 school years - Mr. Jolliff and Ms. Bose. You'll receive more details about them and their services very soon. 
    The scholarship application process begins immediately! We've created a google drive for you to reference whenever you're seeking to find scholarships - see HERE. The links to each scholarship are embedded in the documents - of course you'll click the link as that'll take you directly to the scholarship's application. Please make certain that you adhere to the deadlines for these scholarships as we cannot extend or change such dates. 
    To discover community service opportunities and upcoming events, please visit regularly the google drive that houses such information - via HERE
    For those qualified for highly selective colleges, the Questbridge program has a list of college fly-in opportunities at the top-tiered institutions for which they're partnered as shown HERE (FYI - typically fly-in events are not excused absences). 
    Beginning Thursday July 18 you'll be assigned to the following counselors listed below -
    • 10-12th graders whose surnames (last name) fall between A-E >>> Ms. Katrina Rucker and her email is Katrina.Rucker@atlanta.k12.ga.us
    • 10-12th graders whose surnames (last name) fall between F-K >>> Ms. Christina Brantley and her email is christina.brantley@atlanta.k12.ga.us
    • 10-12th graders whose surnames (last name) fall between L-R >>> Mr. Lamar J. Young and his email is Ljyoung@atlanta.k12.ga.us
    • 10-12th graders whose surnames (last name) fall between S-Z >>> Dr. Chelsea Falcone and her email is Chelsea.Falcone@atlanta.k12.ga.us
    • All 9th graders c/o 2028 >>> Ms. Tina Blevins-Pellechia and her email is Tblevins2@atlanta.k12.ga.us

    Hello - 
    For those who haven't already done so, this is a final reminder to get yourself included in the 2024-25SY guidance department's database.  
    Hurry - make one submission HERE or scan the QR code below. 
    The link is also found on the Midtown HS website
    Listed below is the information as early as next week that you'll receive from the guidance department once you join the database. 
    • Academic resources
    • ACT/SAT/PSAT prep
    • College admissions
    • Community Service
    • Dual enrollment
    • Employment 
    • Graduation requirements
    • School-based programs, clubs, and organizations
    • Scholarships
    • Summer programs
    • Tutorial assistance and information
    • Upcoming events

    For the students who are currently enrolled in an online course through our district's AVA (Atlanta Virtual Academy) platform this summer, this message is for you. 
    Those who are interested (or required) to take more than one course, you must submit a request to activate your 2nd course. 
    How do you do that? 
    Please review THIS VIDEO for those simple instructions.
    The deadline for adding a 2nd course is Friday June 21
    Thank you. 
    Also, don't forget to renew your email-cell contact information for the upcoming year HERE

    Hello rising Seniors c/o 2025 
    1. First - thank you to everyone who updated their email-n-cell contact info for the upcoming 2024-25SY via HERE
          You'll soon begin to receive useful information about your senior year from the guidance-counseling-advisement department - yes senior year very exciting!
    2. On another note - please be sure that during this summer to work on completing your community service. 
          See HERE for a variety of events and projects to involve yourself with during June and July.
          For specific instructions with community service - see HERE
          For a blank copy of the log sheet - see HERE
    3.  Lastly, for those who intend to dual enroll at one of our partner colleges - please be sure to connect with your assigned Midtown counselor by supplying us with a PDF formatted copy of your official DE schedule - for without do so you'll unfortunately not be able to participate in the DE program. Sorry! Counselors return July 18. 

    Hello Rising Seniors c/o 2025 

    Please ASAP renew your email and cell contact information for the upcoming year. 
    Doing so allows you to receive a wave of information such as but not limited to - 
    • Scholarships
    • College admissions
    • Academic resources i.e. tutoring, programs, organizations
    • ACT/SAT prep
    • Dual enrollment
    • Employment 
    • Summer programs
    • Community Service
    • Upcoming events
    Submit your information via HERE or scan code below...

    Hello rising seniors c/o 2025 ~
    The Morehead Cain Scholar program at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) is something that a few of you may want to consider for fall 2025. See HERE to learn more about the scholarship. 
      • This is a full cost of attendance scholarship at North Carolina's flagship research institution - UNC (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill). 
      • Recipients of this lucrative scholarship are solely based on a nomination process, and annually our school is allowed to nominate a maximum of two students. 
      • See HERE to learn more about how to be nominated. 
      • Ready to throw your 'hat in the ring'? Then please submit your interest via THIS LINKThe deadline for submission is Friday June 7, 2024