• Internal Users - New Registration

    Atlanta Public Schools is now taking facility requests online. You can enroll and enter requests for after-hours facility usage by following these simple steps.


    Registration Instructions
    [Download PDF Version]

    1. Go to www.myschoolbuilding.com.

    2. If you are submitting your first request, you must register first.
      Click on the down arrow (V) next to Never Submitted a Request? Register Here! to expand the registration form.

    3. Enter the Account Number - 643438505

    4. Enter your First Name, Last Name, Phone Number and Email Address

    5. Create a Password and reenter to confirm it. The password you choose must be at least 6 characters long.

    6. Click Register to go to the schedule request form.

    7. To view scheduled/requested events for a specific location click on the:
      My Requests tab > Related Links > Month Calendar

    8. Filter the events by Location and click on the Refresh Calendar button.

    9. Once reviewed and ready to request a location, click on the Schedule Request tab.

    10. Select one of the three schedule types:

      • Normal ScheduleMost commonly used. Up to 20 event dates can be selected. This schedule is used when all event dates will share the same time and room(s).

      • Recurring Schedule: Up to 100 events can be added. This schedule is used for events that follow a pattern (ie, every Monday and Wednesday for a semester or the third Friday of the month for the entire year). All event dates will share the same time and room(s).

      • Irregular Schedule: Up to 20 event dates can be selected. This schedule type can be used when each event will take place in a different room and/or a different time slot than the other event dates on the schedule. For example: the Boy Scouts will use the Gym on January 1st from 9am - 12pm and their next meeting will take place on January 31st in Room 200 from 1pm - 2pm. 

    Please Note

    When entering a schedule, any field with a red checkmark beside it is a required field. The system will not save your request if these fields are left blank.

    Your registration will be complete only after you submit your first request.