Colonel Baker and students
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    The fully-accredited Army JROTC Program of Instruction is designed to help our young people to be better citizens and fully supports the APS mission "with a caring culture of trust and collaboration, every student will graduate ready for college and career".  Every class, every event, and every activity we offer is aimed at providing leadership development and practical life skills growth opportunities to our nearly 3,000 cadets.  Each member of our fully-trained and dedicated instructor staff has made a personal commitment to continue to serve our nation by sharing their professional experiences with their students, by providing them the best instruction possible, and by instilling in each student a strong sense of self-discipline, responsibility and self-worth.  We constantly strive to be better at everything that we do and to attain our goal, which is also our motto – “LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE”.

    JROTC photo


    COL Prentiss Baker       MAJ Randy Floyd                1SG Woodrow Jacobs         MSG Charles Mitchell        SFC Sonja Serrano

    MSG Tonya Benton        MSG Gwendolyn Ford        1SG Bryan jett                  SGM Joshua Mitchell          MAJ Larry Sparks

    MSG Henry Bleach         SGM James Grady             MSG Dexter Jimerson        1SG Dave Ogarro              SGM Kevin Stewart

    LTC Charles Bradley       SGM James Harris            MAJ Darren Johnson          1SG Michael Paul               SGM Melvin Stewart

    SFC Keith Brown            LTC Keith hayes               LTC Charles Johnson         COL Eric Robinson              SGM Charlie Turner

    LTC Cranson Butler     CW3 Albert Hill            LTC Kenneth Johnson        MSG Jeffery Robinson        SGM Daryl Tutt

    SFC Warren Cotton        LTC IVA Kimbrough          SGM Pamela Keys              SGM James Shepherd         Dr. Mona Venning

    SFC Willie Cross             SGM Corey Jackson          LTC Lynnette Minnick         1SG Kwame Slaughter