• Janet Dyal


    Email: janet.dyal@apsk12.org

    Phone: 912-592-2529

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    • Ms. Dyal's personal Google Classroom code:  mq2rovr (material with all links needed for class information [course syllabus, introduction, essay guide, and hours available])


    • Community ELA classes use the following code for Google Classroom:  hdgd7ry





    My name is Janet Dyal and I am an English facilitator at Phoenix Academy. I grew up in a rural area on a farm and moved to Atlanta in 2017 from the small South Georgia town of Douglas, Georgia. I graduated at Georgia Southern College with a BA in Business 1989 and began my career as a juvenile probation officer for seven years. I had my daughter, Shelly,  and became a stay-at-home mom for the next seven years. During this time, I added to my family with a son (Sage), and worked on my Masters degree in education. In 2001, I began my teaching career as a seventh grade Language Arts teacher until I moved to the College and Career Academy in 2014. I spent two years there and then moved to the Coffee County Alternative School for two years before moving to Atlanta. I was very fortunate  to be hired at Phoenix Academy where everyone there loves teaching and loves their students.


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