About the Director

  • Ms. Chanel Cobey-Williams is a veteran science teacher that began her teaching career at Booker T. Washington High School in 2009. She has served in many capacities at the school and district level from being a Science Team Leader, Department Chair, Science Advisory Board, Model teacher, Learning Cadre Teacher Leader, 2013Teacher of the Year, and now as the STEM Program Support Specialist. She has participated and presented in several national conferences and has conducted STEM research at several renowned institutions and companies such as Emory, Morehouse, Georgia Tech, and Georgia Power. She is excited to lead alongside the dynamic educators at Washington High School as we strive for STEM certification. 

     Much of what we do at Booker T. Washington HS to implement and sustain an effective, age-appropriate STEM curriculum depends upon two constant expectations for all of our educators: we must know our students well, and we must care about providing them with the best possible opportunities. Since our STEM program is school-wide, we don't offer any isolated "STEM-focused" classes or recruit students for any particular program.  Rather, we strive to bring a high-quality, STEM-based education into all areas of the classroom. Our level of success as STEM educators and facilitators depends upon our willingness to work collaboratively among and across grade levels, stay current on effective tools and practices, and our ability to monitor and tailor our instruction to meet the needs of each student in our classrooms.

Ms. Cobey-Williams
Ms. Cobey-Williams-
Cobey Williams