Crossing Guards @Howard

  • Howard Parents – Dr. Maxwell, the DTHMS Staff, PTO, APD and assorted volunteers have all been working hard to improve safe transportation around the school with added signage, new safety barriers and procedures and a full-time APD Resource Officer. Things are improving to make the morning commute safer and faster for our kids in our new home.


    Now that we are more settled in our new home, and there are more kids attending in person, we need your help so students can safely navigate two busy intersections both before and after school.

    Shifts will be before school (from 8:30-9:05am) and after school (from 3:50-4:20pm). We’ll need 6 crossing guards per day to get everyone safely to and from Howard. The more volunteers we have, the better!

    This is a great way to make a difference and improve safety around the school. Motorists are still getting used to having an active school in the neighborhood, and it’s our job to educate them. We’ll provide snappy reflective vests and a hand-held sign that says, in no uncertain terms: STOP.

     Crossing Guard Volunteers

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  • New School. New Routes.

    Drivers and pedestrians, please remember that crosswalk safety is a shared responsibility. Drivers are required by law to stop for a pedestrian in a designated crosswalk and pedestrians are required to use the crosswalks, both on school grounds and off. Students should not be stepping into the street before making sure that vehicles are actually stopping for the crosswalk. This is where our volunteers become very visible guardians for our kids against inattentive and distracted drivers, and extra eyes and a guide for our excited and impulsive kids. Neither drivers nor pedestrians should be using their mobile phones as they approach a crosswalk.

    PLEASE familiarize yourself with the location of the new school and the routes for each method of transportation - carpoolers, bus riders and bike riders/walkers. 



Last Modified on March 21, 2021