Get Involved with Inman’s Go Team!

  • Any community member that cares about Inman is encouraged to participate. This includes parents, staff, and other community members.

    Here are some ways:

    • Run for office! Elections are every Spring and terms are for two years. There are seats for staff, parents, and community members.
    • Attend Go Team meetings and participate in public comment. Meetings are generally monthly.
    • Share your insights with your Go Team representatives.
    • Serve on a committee.
    • Volunteer for any calls to action.
    • Nominate Go Team reps for election season and in between if there are any vacancies.
  • Did you know that Atlanta Public Schools is now a Charter System?

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    On September 25, 2015, the State Board of Education voted unanimously to approve the Atlanta Public Schools charter system application during its state board meeting. Atlanta Public Schools will become the 33rd school system in Georgia to achieve Charter System status.

    A charter system is a school district that operates under a performance-based contract between the local board and the state board of education. Under the Charter System operating model, Atlanta Public Schools would gain freedom and flexibility from many state education laws and regulations in exchange for increased accountability for student achievement. Additionally, charter systems must distribute meaningful decision-making authority to individual schools by maximizing school-level governance through local school governance teams.

    As a Charter System, Atlanta Public Schools will agree to a five year contract with the State Board of Education to use the broad flexibility from almost all state education laws and regulations to innovate in exchange for increased accountability for student achievement. A key element to charter system  is moving decision making closer to where learning takes place. That means leaving decisions to the school system and to the schools within the system. It also means involving more people in the decision making process. 

    GO Team Flyer

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  • How is the Charter System model different from a Charter School?

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    With a charter system, the district enters the contract with the state, and therefore the responsibilities for management and oversight remain with the elected system-level school board – the Atlanta Board of Education. Thus, the Atlanta Board of Education retains its legally granted authority for setting the vision and strategic plan for the district, hiring and holding the Superintendent accountable, maintaining district facilities, and a few other key responsibilities, while at the same time distributing a meaningful level of decision-making autonomy to the individual district schools. 

    A charter school, however, is a public school of choice that operates under the terms of a charter, or contract, with an authorizer, such as the state and/or local board of education. The school is directly and individually accountable for meeting the requirements outlined in the contract. Charter schools are governed, not by a local board of education, but by an autonomous non-profit board of directors, and they receive flexibility from certain state and local rules and regulations in exchange for a higher level of accountability. Charter schools can be operated by for- or non-profit educational management organizations, whereas charter system schools cannot and thus remain under the control of the local board of education.

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  • What is a GO(vernance) Team?

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    GO Teams exist in each APS school. The GO Team works with school leadership and the community to help determine the long term direction of the school, design innovative solutions to increase student achievement, and serve as school ambassadors to the local community. A Local School Governance Team in each school is the method APS will use to get the community, parents and teachers involved in decision making to maximize educational opportunities for our students.

    Learn more about the APS Charter System and the GO Teams! Your active engagement is welcomed and encouraged!
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  • Who is on Inman Middle School's GO Team?

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    GO Teams consist of 3 parents (elected by parents), 3 instructional staff (elected by staff members), 2 community members (nominated by principal), 1 swing seat (selected by GO Team), and 1 principal (non-voting member). Click here for information about the GO Team members for Inman for the 2018-2019 school year. 
    Learn more about Inman's GO Team.
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  • When should I contact my GO Team?

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    Contact a GO Team member if you have feedback, ideas or questions about Inman’s strategic direction, continuous improvement efforts or ways of partnering with our stakeholders.  Do not contact the GO team if you have specific questions or concerns about a student, teacher, staff member, class, etc. In such a case, please go directly to a counselor or another staff member.

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  • How do I contact my GO Team?

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    GO Team Members

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