Instructional Service Center

  •      Welcome to the Instructional Service Center at the Dean Rusk Building located at 433 Peeples Street SW, Atlanta, GA. 30310.  Here at the ISC we are a facility used for training and meetings for all APS employees.  The ISC has been renovated with each room displaying its own unique style and is equipped with 21st century interactive technology.  The modernization of the building will help to create a new experience when you enter the building, and we hope you enjoy it as we continue to improve.

  • ISC Brochure

  • Reserve a Room

    By making a room reservation, you agree to ALL terms and conditions listed below and assume responsibility for any damages, loss or theft to APS equipment or property discovered after usage of any room(s) within the facility reserved for your use.

    Reservations can be made for training and meetings conducted for the district's business needs. Meetings/Trainings for personal reasons will not be allowed. Only reservations created by an APS-sponsored department/group are allowed at ISC. Community users must have an APS-sponsored department/group to reserve and a representative from that APS-sponsoring department/group must be present during the entire reservation! No exceptions!

    Due to limited space, rooms fill up quickly and it is not recommended to try to reserve space at the last minute. Please allow at least 48 hours (about 2 days) for staff to review requests and respond through School Dude. Rooms are booked on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Reservations will be handled through the School Dude system. Requests will be reviewed by ISC staff prior to approval. Once staff has reviewed the requests, Requestors will receive an email with information from the School Dude system. Please refer to the APS Facilities School Dude website for more information on creating a School Dude account.

    As a courtesy to the building and security staff, cancellations are to be made at least 48 hours (2 business days) before your meeting is scheduled to take place. Anyone submitting a cancellation is assumed to be authorized to cancel the event. Until further notice, cancellations must be submitted in writing by completing this form:

    Your department or group risks suspension of facility usage privileges and billing of charges for no shows and cancellations without proper notice!

    A 90-day suspension will be imposed if the following violations occur 3 times:

    • Failure to properly cancel an event within 48 hours prior
    • Failure to show up for an event that has been reserved

    If another violation occurs after reinstatement, reservation privileges will be revoked indefinitely.


    The sponsoring department/organization is responsible for contacting all participants to notify them of the cancellation.

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