Structured Literacy Approach

  • Structured Literacy Approach (Science of Reading) utilizing explicit phonics instruction, whole group instruction, small group instruction, guided reading and conferring.

    Instructional contexts include

    • Interactive Read Aloud – All grades
    • Reading Workshop - Reading mini-lessons, Independent and Partner Reading using differentiated authentic texts to employ the strategies introduced through mini-lessons – All grades
    • Writing mini-lessons, independent and partner writing practice using mentor texts and writing strategies that allow students to generate ideas and produce high-quality writing on self-selected topics that have real audiences – All grades
    • Phonics Workshop - Phonics mini-lessons with a specific focus on targeted transferable practice to reading and writing – Grades K-2
    • Shared Reading – Opportunities for students to practice fluent reading using successive readings of on-grade level text supported by the teacher – Grades K-2
    • Word Work – Morphology studies – Grades 3-5

    Focuses on:

    • Differentiation to meet the needs of all students through administration and analysis of Reading Records (Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System)
    • High-Volume, High Interest Reading of Authentic Text - Upwards of 30+ minutes per day
    • Building knowledge base through authentic nonfiction text
    • Teaching Comprehension skills and strategies to support reading achievement and foster a life-long love of reading
    • Value of modeling through interactive read aloud
    • Incorporating instruction on foundational skills/phonics 
    • Supporting students to see themselves as writers by teaching strategies for generating ideas, using mentor texts and writing for real audiences