• Dress Code is Enforced Monday - Friday



    • Collared polo-style or button down shirts (any color);
    • D.M. Therell athletic, club, and class shirts/sweatshirts;
    • Official College & Armed Forces (i.c. Army, Navy)
    • Shirts provided at school- or district-related events. 


    • Solid Tan Khaki-colored or Black pants, shorts, skirts/skorts;
    • Dresses, skirts, shorts and skorts must be about 3" above the knee and fall at or below fingertips; 
    • Pants must sit at or above the waistline (no sagging);
    • DMT Branded Athletic Pants- any color, IF they have the DMT logo/sport. 


    • Appropriate shoes that fit, have a back, and allow for safe movement throughout the school must be wor at all times;
    • We highly suggest close-toed shoes for your safety. 


    • Wear a Belt, as needed (remember, pants must sit at or above the waistline)


    DO NOT WEAR...

    • Bandanas (any color), head wraps, bonnets, hats, or hoods;
    • Tights, leggings, spandex, or similar items as pants;
    • Tank-tops, crop tops, or spaghetti straps as shirts;
    • Pajamas, lingerie, or undergarments as shirts/pants;
    • Footwear without backs- -i.c. NO Slides or Flip-flops;
    • Bottoms that are not solid Tan Khaki-colored or Black;
    • Sunglasses inside the building


    • Expose midriffs, backs, or backsides;
    • Be excessively tight, short, or revealing;
    • Expose undergarments or underwear;
    • Have exoessive tears, rips, or holes;
    • Contain words of symbols that are gang-related, offensive, insulting, sexually suggestive, vulgar, obscene, or promote illegal behavior;
    • Contain words or symbols associated with drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or weapons;
    • State, imply, or depict hate speech/imagery targeting groups based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation, or any other protected classification.


    *We work to correct any issues in a positive and productive manner, to minimize the loss of instructional time.

    Note: parents may be contacted to bring clothes, as needed, for uniform violations, if we cannot accommodate through our uniform closet.

    • The administration will have final say on the appropriateness of a student's dress.
    • Repeated violations will incur higher levels of disciplinary action based on the code of conduct.
    • We reserve the right to adjust the dress code should concers or issues arise throughout the school year. In such an event, parents and students will be notified in advance of the change(s).

    Approved Jeans Days will be announced by school administration through REMIND. They are NOT guaranteed every Friday.

    *Students who have religious requirements or medical issues that may require a uniform adjustment/variation should notify school administration


    Dress code guideline document