• Gifted & Talented Students and Parents:

    AppleWelcome back to a new year at Sutton Middle School. We are excited to have such a group of bright, motivated young people among our student body. This school year, the Gifted & Talented (GATE) program at Sutton Middle School will be overseen by Ms. Felicia Henderson at the 6th grade campus and Mrs. Michika Burch at the 7th/8th grade campus, as well as a team of gifted-certified teachers. We will collaborate with your teachers to ensure that you are challenged in ways that are appropriate to your abilities.

    At Sutton, the primary delivery model is service through Advanced Content. Teachers of the Advanced Content courses are gifted certified and students are enrolled in Advanced Content classes with gifted-endorsed teachers who have professional development in the characteristics of and curriculum design for gifted learners. Students are served through their Language Arts, Social Studies, & Science courses.  Advanced content courses meet the requirements of the Georgia Board Rule 160-4-2-.38.

    In addition to traditional classroom instruction, Gifted & Talented students also have the opportunity to stretch themselves intellectually through projects and extracurricular activities. Gifted & Talented students are strongly encouraged to complete an Academic Fair project in Science, Social Studies, or Technology. 

    Ms. Henderson & Mrs. Burch  will be available via email to answer any questions that you might have about the Gifted & Talented Program at Sutton Middle School. You may also see the answers to Gifted and Talented Education in Middle School Frequently Asked Questions on our website and attached. For more immediate concerns, please feel free to email us at any time.

    If your child is not currently identified as Gifted & Talented, and you would like them to be tested this  school year, the parent referral period is September 1st-30th.

    Thank you.

    Gifted Program Screening and Referral FAQ's

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