• What is the IB Programme?
    IB is a global academic program that E. Rivers embraces.  IB presents both a philosophy and a framework to enhance your child’s ability to live, learn, and work in our globalized world.  The Programme focuses on four critical areas of development:

    • Intellectual
    • Personal
    • Emotional
    • Social

    How does my child benefit from the IB Programme?
    It prepares your child to think independently, solve problems creatively, and work effectively with others.

    What does “inquiry-based” learning mean? Children nurture an innate curiosity and the ability to ask questions to satisfy that curiosity.  This focus on inquiry encourages your child to build his or her ability to solve problems by using information from many sources – different subjects at school, experiences within the community, and his or her own culture.  For example, your children will experience hands-on activities through the science lab and project-based learning in their classrooms.

    How does the IB Programme at E. Rivers compare to others within the cluster?
    Our naturally diverse culture creates the ideal environment for the IB Programme.  Different perspectives, backgrounds, cultures, and languages enable us to experience concepts thoroughly.

    What makes IB unique?
    The IB Programme promotes a love of learning, develops international-mindedness, and provides a continuum of learning that begins in kindergarten, continues in the Middle Years Programme at Sutton Middle School and North Atlanta High School, and concludes with the pre-university Diploma Programme at North Atlanta High School.

    • Encourages a love of learning – With IB, learning is about satisfying intellectual curiosity and developing a love of learning, not about grades or standardized tests.
    • Develops international-mindedness – First, IB students gain self-awareness and understanding of their own cultural and national identity.  Then, they learn about other cultures and nations.
    • Builds a foundation for continuum of education – The IB Programme begins in kindergarten and concludes with the pre-university diploma.  In the Primary Years Programme, your child develops a strong foundation upon which to build his/her life-long education.

    What is the end-result of the IB Programme?
    The IB Diploma Programme, which takes place in 12th grade, tests your child in her mastery of several advanced subjects.  Students who earn the IB Diploma may enter university with as many thirty (30) credit hours and sophomore standing.

    • Primary Years Programme (PYP) – Grades K-5 (ages 5-12) –  E. Rivers Elementary
    • Middle Years Programme (MYP) – Grades 6-10 (ages 11-16) – Sutton Milddle School and North Atlanta High School
    • Diploma Programme – Grades 11 & 12 (ages 16-18) – North Atlanta High School

    Here is a link to even more information on the E. Rivers IB Programme.