Program Overview

    E. Rivers’ Dual Language Immersion Program offers English and Spanish speaking students exciting, enriching, and challenging educational opportunities. All students will learn to read, write, and communicate effectively in Spanish and English while achieving high levels of academic success. Students will have the bilingual skills and cross- cultural competencies needed to succeed in our multicultural society and global economy. There are priceless gifts that will serve our children for a lifetime.

    Program and IB

    A requirement of IB is a secondary language. Of the models offered for language Dual Immersion is one. The PYP acknowledges that development of mother-tongue language is crucial for both cognitive development and maintaining cultural identity.

    Program Goals

    • Biliteracy & Bilingualism
    • Improved Academic Excellence
    • Multicultural Knowledge
    • Seal of Biliteracy at the high school level


    • The program follows the state’s core curriculum and uses district-adopted materials.
    • Teaches Georgia Standards of Excellence
    • Highly-trained teachers who receive continuous professional development

    Program Model

    • Daily English Language Development for English Learners in Language Arts.
    • Dual Language Instruction is based on the “50/50” Model
      • Reading is taught in English and Spanish
      • Math and Science are taught primarily in Spanish;
      • Social Studies is taught in English
      • ALL specials are in English

    Program Registration Process

    1. Parents complete an application.

    2. Bilingual students will be balanced with native Spanish and English speakers. (Priorities are given to: 1. ESOL, 2 Native Spanish, 3. Siblings, and 4. DLI PK)

    3. For families who are not selected, the child will be placed on a wait list and parents will be notified by the end of July if a placement is available for the new school year.

    4. Parents agree to sign a DLI Parent Compact to complete the enrollment process.

    5. For information regarding registration please call 404-802-7051 for details.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How successful are these programs?

    • According to several scientifically based research studies, DLI students experience increased cognitive benefits as well as improved academic success.

    Will two languages confuse my child or slow down his/her academic progress?

    • Quite the opposite! Learning in two languages enhances academic growth and achievement for students as long as they are kept in the program. Moving children in and out of the program should be avoided. Children gain maximum benefits from the program by remaining in it until 5th grade.

    Do children become frustrated listening to instruction in another language?

    • The program may require some adjustment in the early months, but students adjust quickly.

    Will I be able to help my student with homework?

    • There may be times, however, parents may need the help of an English/Spanish dictionary.

    Will I have to read to my child in Spanish and English?

    • Only if you want to. We recommend that you read to your student in whatever language you use at home. As your student’s literacy skills in Spanish and English improve, you may ask him/her to read to you! Just like with learning English exposure is critical. So the more they hear the language and practice, the better they become.

    Click here to access the handout "What Parents Need to Know about DLI in APS." What Parents Need to Know about DLI - English

    To learn more about Dual Language Immersion programs in the Atlanta Public Schools, please click here, DUAL LANGUAGE IMMERSION AT APS.

    **All Dual Language Immersion (DLI) Applications must be submitted by May 29th.**

    English Version: DLI Application (Kindergarten)

    Spanish Version: DLI Application (Kindergarten)

    The application does not guarantee your child a spot. Should applications exceed the number of available slots, the school will determine placement via a lottery process conducted at the local school during the first week of June. Please contact your child's school for more information. School principals will notify parents of lottery results by June 8th.