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    The International Baccalaureate (IB) authorization process ensures the all IB World Schools, regardless of the size, type, or location, are held to the same high standards. The multi-phase process is driven by the needs of the school community and varies by school and IB programme, but typically takes two or more years to complete. According to the IB, the authorization process comprises the following phases: Consideration, Request for candidacy/decision on candidacy, Candidate phase, Request for authorization/decision on authorization. 

    Overview of the IB Authorization Process

    IB Authorization Overview  

    Once a school has at least one authorized IB programme, it receives the IB World School designation. Authorized schools must continue to improve the quality of programme implementation, and thus, must undergo a programme self-study, every three to five years, to assess each programme's areas of strength and growth. The self-study allows the school community to evaluate its programmes based on the IB Programme Standards and Practices and the school's IB Action Plan. After completion of the self-study, authorized school may also receive a Programme Evaluation visit from IB. The IB Programme Evaluation provides schools with feedback on the areas of strength and growth for each programme based on the IB Programme Standards and Practices and gives schools commendations for exceptional practices and recommendations for programme improvements.

    Aligned with the IB authorization process there are three types of IB schools in APS: consideration, candidate, and authorized. Click the link below to find out where your school is in the IB authorization process.

    Jackson Cluster

    Jackson Cluster IB Phasing 2018

    Mays Cluster

    Mays Cluster IB Phasing 2018 

    North Atlanta Cluster

    North Atlanta Cluster IB Phasing 2018 

    Therrell Cluster

    Therrell Cluster IB Phasing 2018 

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