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    Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Attend a Georgia Technical College (a unified system of technical education, custom business and industry training and adult education)

    1. Georgia's Technical Colleges Train for In-Demand Jobs in Today's Workforce: Georgia's technical colleges offer more than 600 in-demand programs from which to choose at 33 colleges. 
    2. A Georgia Technical College Education Can Fast-Track You to a Career: The ability to receive your certificate, diploma, or associate degree in two years or less means students can enter the workforce in less time and with less cost but with a higher opportunity to find a job in today's competitive job market.
    3. A Technical College Education Leads to a Profitable Career: Median salaries of new associate degree graduates are over $32,000.
    4. Georgia's Technical Colleges Offer Strong Career Placement: Six months after graduation, 98% of Georgia Technical College graduates are either employed or continuing education   at a higher level.
    5. A Georgia Technical College Tuition is Among the Most Affordable in the Nation: Georgia Technical Colleges have the lowest tuition among public post-secondary institutions. TCSG students are eligible for many avenues to help pay for college including Georgia's HOPE Grant and the federal Pell Grant which can cover most of the cost of a Georgia Technical College education.
    6. A Georgia Technical College Education is Easily Accessible: Convenient locations in communities throughout the state allow students to commute and eliminate the need for room and board, saving students thousands of dollars annually.
    7. Georgia Technical Colleges Offer Flexible Class Scheduling: Adaptable class scheduling is designed for today’s busy students who balance school, work and family responsibilities.  Maximum flexibility is provided through day, weekend, evening and online classes.
    8. Georgia Technical College Instructors Teach Real-World Experience: Georgia’s technical college instructors are leading expert practitioners and excellent educators who share their knowledge and real-world experience with their students. TCSG instructors go beyond the curriculum by including relevant, revealing, real-world insights and tips.
    9. Georgia Technical College Students Get Hands-On Learning: TCSG students are provided with true-to-life study environments in classrooms, labs and live-work projects where hands-on experiences prepare them for their careers.
    10. Georgia Technical Colleges Offer a Guaranteed Education: If TCSG student graduates under a standard program and an employer finds that the graduate is deficient in one or more competencies as defined in the standards, the TCSG guarantees that the technical college will offer retraining at no instructional cost to the graduate or the employer.

    Please take a moment with this video about the HOPE Grant. It outlines clearly how HOPE works for Tech Schools. View video here.