APS Logo          Office of Early Learning


    Our Vision is to: 

    • All APS students enter Kindergarten cognitively, socially, emotionally, and physically prepared for success in school and beyond.
    • APS schools have the resources, knowledge, and mindsets necessary to support students in making a smooth transition from Pre-K to K through 3rd grade.
    • APS families and community members have the resources, knowledge, and mindsets necessary to support children in accessing and succeeding in a high quality learning environment.



     Our Mission is to: 

    • Create consistently high-quality academic and social-emotional growth opportunities for students in every APS classroom.
    • Provide effective early interventions and supports for students with academic, emotional, or developmental needs.
    • Promote student learning at school and at home by partnering with families to provide resources that develop resilience, support families in crisis, and foster an understanding of the PK -3 continuum.
    • Ensure that our teachers are highly-qualified and motivated instructional leaders, who are supported and developed in order to implement research-based best practices.
    • Support school leadership and district stakeholders in building a robust understanding of early learning practice and impact in order to create a community of advocates.
    • Collaborate with city-wide providers to ensure equitable access to Pre-K for all students, develop common quality and improvement initiative, and create a streamlined birth to school experience.