• PTO Grants support innovative educational efforts, including creative classroom projects, unique enrichments to curriculum, guest speakers or performers, field trips, and new club activities.

    Teacher grants will now be accepted on a rolling basis as long as PTO grant funds remain available. Please complete the 2018-19 Inman PTO Grant Application and submit via EMail no later than April 27th, 2019. All items funded through the grants program will become the property of Inman Middle School.”

    Requests for instructional technology (i.e. Chromebooks, laptops) should be directed to the Foundation. To be considered for a technology grant, please contact Dr. Maxwell.

    Last year the PTA awarded over $10,000 in teacher grants. These projects included new books and headphones for reading centers, MakerSpace music studios, Google Expedition goggles, Manipulatives for Mathematics, new Spanish curriculum and equipment for the Theater program.

    Please note: Grants cannot be used for snacks/food items, teacher training, salaries, consumable goods, or items that “go home” with the student (such as individual trophies or medals).

    Objectives: The PTO seeks grant proposals that offer strategies/experiences to:

    • Further the school’s achievement plan.
    • Improve student achievement and the school learning environment.
    • Increase a teacher’s ability to enhance differentiated instruction.
    • Test new creative ideas for teaching and curriculum.
    • Provide start-up clubs with durable resources to strengthen the quality of extra-curricular activities at the school.
    • Note: Clubs are expected to self-fund as well through student fees. Please contact Grants if you would like more information regarding **2018-19 Academic Club and Club Sport Grants**. Scholarships for students wishing to join clubs with membership fees can be requested through the school guidance counselor or PTO.

    Evaluation: Grants will be awarded on a competitive basis after evaluation by a Grants Review Committee comprised of Inman PTO parent(s), teacher(s), and community member(s). Grant applicants may not serve on the committee. Areas evaluated include the number of students who will benefit from the project, the level of need at Inman for the project, the likelihood of success, and the sustainability of the project. Priority will be given to new proposals over previously funded projects, although the latter are eligible. However, grants are not intended to be a permanent funding mechanism for projects. Once a project has proven worthwhile, other permanent funding should be secured. Partial funding is available.

    Donor's Choose

    In addition to our regular grants process, the PTO also encourages all teachers to use DonorsChoose.org when looking to meet the needs of their classroom. DonorsChoose.org enables teachers to request materials and resources for their classrooms and makes these project requests through its website. Donors can give to projects that interest them, which are searchable by school name, teacher name, location, school subject, material, and keywords. DonorsChoose.org then purchases necessary supplies and ships them directly to the schools. Every project contains a line-item budget and a description of the project.

    Inman PTO School Clubs and Club Sports Grant Application

    As a part of the PTO’s vision to make every child’s potential a reality, we are excited to offer Club and Club Sport grants to help our students grow and learn through extracurricular activities. Priority is given to applications that use the funds to benefit the entire club or club sport. Grant money will not be awarded for items such as consumables (food/drinks), personalized uniforms, individual trophies and medals. Please complete the application. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the school year. Maximum grant award is $500 per club.

    Note: Clubs are expected to self-fund as well through student fees. Please complete the Club/Sports Grant Application.

PTO Membership / Annual Fund

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Last Modified on August 14, 2019