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    Your support in making David T. Howard Middle School more incredible for our students, teachers, staff, and community is highly valued. In the 2022-2023 academic year, Howard's PTO successfully raised approximately $20,000, and we are determined to surpass this achievement and achieve 100% family participation in the upcoming 2023-2024 academic year!

    Your membership, participation, and donations play a crucial role in providing essential resources and opportunities for our school community, including:

    • Teacher and Staff Appreciation Luncheons and Gifts
    • Parent Education and Engagement events
    • Club Scholarships and Grants
    • Student Support Programs


    Our ultimate goal is to reach 100% participation from all families, and while we suggest a donation of $50 per family, we sincerely appreciate ANY amount that you can contribute. Every dollar contributes to the success of the initiatives planned for the year.

    Here is what your donation and corresponding support can provide:

    • $10 – recommended minimum donation
    • $25 – supports providing snacks for teachers and staff
    • $50 – supports parent education and engagement events
    • $100 – supports student support programs
    • $250  –  supports club scholarships and grants
    • Other – every dollar invested in the PTO supports a stronger Howard community!


    We thank you for your support and generous donation!



Last Modified on August 27, 2023