Kathy Stevens Foundation Chair
    Katy Barnes President & Director of Curriculum Management
    Alison Strok Director of Curriculum Management-Elect
    Kay Alexander Secretary
    Matt Schickel Treasurer
    James Hill Treasurer
    Sheryl Wait Director of Corporate Partnerships
    Guy Parker Director of Corporate Partnerships
    Tiffany Calloway Retail Bonus
    Kristine Whigham Annual Campaign Chair
    Jeni Guy Annual Campaign Chair-Elect
    Kirsten Fionte Marketing & Communications
    Anita Rajendra Marketing & Communications-Elect
    Alison Graham Database Manager
    Barbara Steiger Auction Chair
    Jen Heller Auction Chair
    Emily Boatright Principal
    Michele Culbertson Faculty Liaison (PC)
    Dominique Dowell Faculty Liaison (IC)