• SSEF 15 Year Supporting Our Students


    Ann Cooper Foundation Chairman
    Kathy Stevens Foundation President
    Morgan King Secretary
    Audrie Fambro Treasurer
    Liz Rusnak Treasurer-Elect
    Leanne Hussion Director of Curriculum Management
    Katy Barnes Director of Curriculum Management-Elect
    Sheryl Wait Director of Corporate Partnerships
    Angie Nix Director of Corporate Partnerships-Elect
    Tiffany Calloway Retail Bonus
    Carey Tanner Annual Campaign Chair
    Kristine Whigham Annual Campaign Chair-Elect
    Katie Williams Marketing & Communications
    Kirsten Fionte Marketing & Communications-Elect
    Alison Graham Database Manager
    Barbara Steiger Auction Co-Chair
    Jen Brookins Auction Co-Chair
    Emily Boatright Principal
    Michele Culbertson Faculty Liaison (PC)
    Dominique Dowell Faculty Liaison (IC)