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    2022-2023 Curriculum Narrative



    The largest percentage of SSEF funding is dedicated to academic enrichment and curriculum-enhancing educational programs. These dollars support curriculum initiatives that further all SRS students' mastery of Math, Science, English and the Arts.  

    Academic Competition Programs 

    Provides funds for academic competitions such as the Technology Fair and Science Fair, where select SRS students represent our school in district and state level competitions.
    Grades: 3-5

    Classroom Libraries 

    In addition to the school’s media center, classroom libraries and the bookroom will provide close proximity to literary resources. In-class libraries will help enhance literacy, increase time spent reading and help improve fluency, phonics, phonemic awareness, and reading comprehension. Funds pay for books for each class, leveled readers, and novels to support both the Georgia Standards of Excellence and the IB Inquiry-based Units.
    Grades: All

    Specials: Art, Foreign Language, Music & PE 

    Provides funds for program-enhancing training, materials and equipment to supplement what APS provides. 
    Grades: All

    Technology Integration

    Instructional technology and hardware provided to assist in the goal of equipping every classroom with state-of-the-art teaching tools. 
    Grades: All

    Tutoring and Enrichment 

    Targeted tutoring provided for students for reading and math on an as-needed basis by qualified tutors from a non-profit tutoring organization.
    Grades: 1-5



    Math Manipulatives 

    These include base ten counters, geometry builder sets, ten frame sets, teaching cash registers, measuring spoons, geoboards, play money, clock dials and more. These manipulatives help students learn about counting, time, measurement, geometric shapes, addition, and subtraction to support the Georgia Standards of Excellence and Eureka Math. 
    Grades: All


    Eureka Math takes a cohesive approach to math, helping students to gain a deeper understanding of the subject. Workbooks are purchased for every student to have their own set for the entire year.
    Grades: All


    High Touch High Tech 

    Local scientists set up and oversee ‘in-house’ field trips in order to provide students with hands-on learning directly tied to each grade level’s Science curriculum and the Georgia Standards of Excellence. 
    Grades: All


    TOTAL ACADEMIC PROGRAMS………………. $58,600


    The SSEF is committed to supporting faculty development opportunities that encourage teaching innovation and excellence. Investments in this area include a focus on improving teacher efficacy in the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program. 

    Classroom Investment Funds 

    With the goal of enhancing the teaching environment at SRS, the SSEF provides a $300 check to every full-time teacher to purchase individualized classroom supplies in support of the curriculum. Part-time teachers receive a check for $150 and Kindergarten paraprofessionals receive a check for $50. 
    Grades: All

    International Baccalaureate Training 

    SSEF funds are available for all teachers to attend IB training and development opportunities. 
    Grades: All

    Teacher Initiatives Program (Faculty Grants) 

    The SSEF offers a grant program to allow teachers to apply for up to $500 through the Teacher Initiatives Program, to try out innovative ideas and different educational approaches in their classrooms. 
    Grades: All

    Teacher Training & Enrichment

    SSEF funds are available for teachers to attend training in the following areas: Fundations, Fountas and Pinnell reading and writing, Dual Immersion, and GATE.
    Grades: All

    TOTAL TALENT & MANAGEMENT………………. $51,700


    The SSEF invests to build systems and resources to support IB, Dual Immersion implementation and ESOL community support.

    Dual Immersion 

    Funds provide classroom materials and supplies in English and Spanish to support the fidelity of program implementation for the dual immersion cohorts in Kindergarten through 5th grades. Additionally, funds will support professional learning for the teachers. 
    Grades: All

    International Baccalaureate Inquiry Materials, Resources, Dues & Programming Fees 

    SRS was first awarded IB status in 2006. The IB program encourages students to be active, curious learners, well-rounded individuals, and engaged world citizens. This program impacts the whole curriculum at SRS as this instructional philosophy permeates all facets of our instructional programming. IB teaches each student essential skills for learning and becoming a productive global citizen. SSEF funds pay for inquiry materials for each grade, and for required development and training of teachers and for programming fees and dues. 
    Grades: All

    TOTAL SYSTEMS & RESOURCES………………. $14,280


    The SSEF strives to foster and support a positive, informed and engaged school culture and community. 

    Administrative Support 

    Provides funds for the Principal and Assistant Principals for additional needs not met by APS, such as trophies and medals for the annual student awards. Additionally, this fund is used to support initiatives set by the Administrative team, such as the use of Google Classrooms with iPad technology to providing recognition for the teaching team.


    International Travelers Week 

    The International Travelers Program is a week-long classroom immersion in the culture, history, and language of a foreign country. The program, which is unique to Sarah Smith, is a collaboration among a cadre of dedicated parent volunteers, teachers and administrators and “transports” the school to a new country every year. 
    Grades: All

    TOTAL CULTURE………………. $4,750

    TOTAL 2022-2023 SSEF BUDGET………………. $129,330