What is Starstruck?

    Starstruck is the Sarah Smith annual auction that raises critical funds in support of The Sarah Smith Education Foundation (SSEF). 

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    Save the date for 2023-2024 Starstruck Parent Party - Friday March 15th, 2024


    Why Do We Need Your Support?

    The SSEF provides financial support for curriculum and academic investments that benefit EVERY student at Sarah Smith EVERY DAY. Since 2006, the SSEF has invested over $3 Million to support curriculum within Sarah Smith Elementary. This year the SSEF will fund 75% of the SRS Curriculum. The SSEF funding is aligned to the Sarah Smith Elementary School Strategic Plan, focused on Academic Programs, Talent Management, Systems Resources, Culture. 

    Please visit https://www.atlantapublicschools.us/SSEF to contribute today!