• 2021-2022 EREF Board of Directors

    Chair: Chesley Matthews

    Past Chair: Kate Hearne 

    Treasurer: Allison Kolber 

    Secretary: Fernando Brown 

    Corporate Development (Business Partners Program): Matthew Simon

    Marketing and Communications: Rachele McGinity-Mock

    Events: Colleen Stevens 

    At-Large Members: Mariella Volio 

    At-Large Members: Jessie McKellar (Business Partners) 

    Lion’s Pride Voting Representative and Chair: Elizabeth Schaefer

    PTA President Representative: Lisa Britt

    GO Team Representative: Megan Watkins

    Administrative Liaison: Melanie Sithole  

    Lion's Pride Committee: Abby Ivie, Elizabeth Schaefer, Jessie McKellar

    Business Partner Committee: Matthew Simon, Liz Buckley, Jessie McKellar 

    Faculty Representatives:  Nicole Cheroff, Kimberly Bowsher

    If you have questions regarding the foundation or ways to volunteer on one of the fundraising efforts, please contact Chesley Matthews at chair@eriversfoundation.org or Elizabeth Schaefer at lionspride@eriversfoundation.org