• Lion  E. Rivers PTA 


    Communications Guidelines

    The PTA Communications Committee Handles

    1. The Lion’s Roar Weekly Newsletter and Wednesday Mid-Week Email (Join HERE)
    2. Social Media (Facebook & Instagram currently)
    3. Branding (logos and various visuals, brand experience, print collateral and other branded ephemera)
    4. https://www.atlantapublicschools.us/rivers

    Promoting Events, Volunteer Opportunities, Celebrations, and More:

    • If you’d like anything submitted through the Lion’s Roar and/or via social media, please fill out the form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeII1WVrV-JOU2UukWcVhMusyhCIGInz1oArPNqBeHiIDRRkA/viewform?mc_cid=8b5c6d421a&mc_eid=c752f278e
    • Please email eriverslionsroar@gmail.com for any other questions or requests that cannot be accommodated by the form.
    • Deadlines:
      • Thursday at Noon is the deadline for inclusion in the Lion’s Roar on Sunday morning
      • Monday at Noon is the deadline for inclusion in the Wednesday morning Mid-Week email
      • We will not be able to accommodate requests sent after noon on Friday for the Sunday Lion’s Roar unless it is an emergency as the administration has already reviewed the newsletter. If you need urgent assistance, please email Ashley and Ivy directly at ashleyfouche@gmail.com and ivyholliman@gmail.com.

    As a Chair, please make use of the Communications elements in the following ways.
    1. Our MailChimp Email List. Communications manages a large list of parents and families for the E. Rivers community. Communications has the ability to send via e-mail emergency e-mail blasts, weekly newsletters, just PTA chair emails, or alumni emails. In the event of a true emergency or problem (a late school bus or an early closing) Communications and Administration has the ability to follow the email with an emergency text message.

    New E. Rivers families must opt-in to all email blasts. Encourage everyone you meet to do so. The PTA Executives and Administration need to approve email blasts and they should be used sparingly.

    2. The Lion’s Roar Sunday Newsletter and Wednesday Mid-Week Email should be your primary source for distributing information. Send in photo submissions, good news stories, notes about teachers, save the dates for upcoming events and articles submitted for your upcoming events. After your events, follow-up with photos and thank yous to volunteers and vendors. Also, encourage new friends, classmates, neighbors to read the Lion’s Roar weekly. We need to encourage our families to utilize every facet of the Lion’s Roar; from submissions to readership. The more interesting articles, letters and photos, the higher our click rate!

    3. https://www.atlantapublicschools.us/rivers houses static information regarding school curriculum, contact information, calendars, bus routes, etc. The EREF, the GO Team, the PTA, and various teachers have specific pages they manage on the website. Some pages and links come and go through the season (ex. Lion’s Pride and its donate button). The home page of https://www.atlantapublicschools.us/rivers is flexible in a rolling web-log. The homepage currently reiterates e-blasts and Lion’s Roar newsletter placements.

    4. Social Media. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow us to post public reminders and redundancies (Lion’s Roar or emergency Blasts). Social media is a wonderful way to share casual news or photos on an immediate basis apart from sending and e-mail blast. (Example: The 5th Grade Car Wash is this Morning!)

    5. Spanish Translations. Any printed piece of collateral from E. Rivers should be bilingual. The Lion’s Roar has a Spanish link. Please work with the PTA Translations chair to get items translated.