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    Personalized Learning

    APS has begun the first phase of implementing Personalized Learning in the school district.  Personalized Learning is increasingly recognized as a promising strategy to close achievement gaps, increase student engagement, and prepare students as they become self-directed, lifelong learners by meeting their individual needs.

    What is Personalized Learning? - While there is no single definition of personalized, the many definitions from leading experts share common general principals that include Student voice and choice, Customization to each student's strengths and needs, Student agency, and Flexibility of instruction.

    APS utilizes Education Elements' Core Four Elements of Personalized Learning, which guide educators in the implementation of Personalized Learning.  These four elements are:

    1. Student Reflection and Ownership - encourages a focus on metacognitive strategies for learning and prompts students to pursue their passions and ownership of their work

    2. Data-Driven Decisions - allows teachers and students to understand and act on their strengths and needs

    3. Targeted Instruction - provides a critical structure for teachers and students to problem-solve with one another and meet individual learning goals

    4. Flexible Content and Tools - creates a mix of resources responsive to student needs and interests that allows for differentiated path, pace and performance tasks

    Phase 1 Schools

    Beecher Hills Elementary

    Bolton Hills Elementary

    Deerwood Elementary

    Harper-Archer Elementary

    Peyton Forest Elementary

    Cleveland Elementary

    Scott Elementary

    Usher Collier Heights Elementary

    Howard Middle School

    Long Middle School

    Sutton Middle School

    Mays High School

    Maynard Jackson High School

    John Lewis Invictus Academy