• Early Dismissal Procedures

    All students must be signed-out, INSIDE the front office by parent, legal guardian, or other person identified during registration. 

    If your child needs to be picked up before the end of the school day for a planned appointment, please complete the following steps:

    • Send your child with a hand-written note about the early dismissal and include the reason for the early dismissal and the time they will be picked up

    • Your child must bring this note to the main office and they will receive an “Early Dismissal” pass to report back to the main office at the time of departure. 

    • Please avoid early dismissal during your child’s scheduled lunch time as they will not be able to get back into a teacher’s classroom until lunch is over to get their belongings. 

    Early dismissal ends at 3:30PM daily

    Helpful hint:  email the teacher your child has at the time of the early dismissal to give them a head's up so they can remind your child.

    If you have any questions, email the front office staff.