• Renaming Committee for BEST Academy


    The Atlanta Board of Education is considering renaming BEST Academy. We would appreciate input from community stakeholders. On April 10, 2023, Chair Eshé Collins appointed a special committee to consider nominations and make a recommendation to the Board for approval.

    BEST Academy Renaming Committee

    • Erika Mitchell| District Five Representative, Atlanta Board of Education
    • Dustin Hillis| District Three Representative, Atlanta City Council
    • Timothy Jones | Principal, BEST Academy
    • Andrew Anderson| NPU-G Representative
    • John Hope Bryant| Partner
    • Jewell Grubbs| Community Stakeholder
    • Kenneth Hill| Community Partner 

    Community Engagement 

    • To provide feedback/comments, please click here or submit a dialogue through Let's Talk.


    Upcoming Events

    • Tuesday|05/15/2023| 5:30-7:00pm| Meeting #1 - Introductory Meeting


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