• Hello, Senior Parents!

    You've got mail coming! Around October 10, you will get a letter from Gov. Brian Kemp with the seal of the State of Georgia and text that says, "Georgia Match". It will also say "College Admission Letter Enclosed". This letter will list all Technical College System of Georgia (aka all the public technical colleges in GA) and University System of Georgia institutions (aka the public four-year colleges in GA) for which your student meets preliminary academic eligibility for admission. This is meant to encourage students to apply to schools that they are academically qualified to attend and is NOT an official acceptance letter – students will still need to apply to the schools in their letter.

    All of you must note that the University of Georgia, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Georgia College & State University will not be on the list for any high school senior (no if's, and's, or's, or but's!). These three schools look at college applications holistically, which means they look past a student’s academic profile. This doesn't mean that your child can't apply! We encourage them to apply to UGA, GA Tech, or GCSU if they wish, but we're just saying these institutions won't be participating in the Georgia MATCH program. The Georgia MATCH program will also only list public in-state schools. 

    The letter will also mention the availability of Georgia's state aid programs for financing college. A QR Code provided in the letter links to the Georgia MATCH landing page on the Georgia Futures website. There will, of course, be translations available!

    The colleges listed in the letter will include all TCSG technical colleges. USG participating colleges and universities will be listed on your child’s letter based on:

    • The student’s calculated HOPE GPA from the most recent transcript received by September 12, 2023, which should have data from the end of the student’s 11th grade or their junior year.

    • The HOPE GPA utilized in the letter will come from what the Georgia Futures website will have on record at the time of the letter's publication. The student must have submitted their Social Security Number to Midtown in order for your information to be in Georgia Futures. 

    • The student meets that college's minimum HOPE GPA requirement

    The reason why Georgia MATCH is sending out these letters in October is because November, according to Gov. Kemp is Apply To College Month. November comes with some perks, such as no admissions application fees for certain schools (more on that later), so they want students to be prepared as early as October.

    The letters are expected to be in your family’s mailbox starting on October 10. There are two cycles in which the letters will be sent out: Cycle 1 and Cycle 2. Cycle 1 will range from October 10 until about October 24. If your student does not have your letter by October 25, it means:

    • They don't have your student’s 11th grade transcript on file with Georgia Futures

    • No HOPE GPA could be calculated for your student

    • Your student did not submit their valid Social Security card to the high school

    • Your student’s transcript was submitted with an invalid mailing address per USPS requirements

    For all the reasons listed above, Midtown's counseling team, if provided the appropriate documents, may submit transcripts and/or correct any errors made by October 25 for a Cycle 2 letter to be generated. At that point, your child would have until October 31 to get their Georgia MATCH letter.

    If you should have any questions, please reach out to your child’s assigned counselor and/or Midtown’s college advisers.