Thank you for your interest in the Atlanta Public Schools' Pre-K program. If you missed the opportunity to participate in the lottery, we're pleased to inform you that vacancies are still available and we look forward to welcoming you and your child. The following sites currently have immediate openings:

    *Indicates a Pre-K site with a Head Start partnership.  If accepted, additional documentation is required.

    Boyd Elem.*
    Cascade Elem.
    Cleveland Ave. Elem.*
    Continental Colony Elem.*
    Deerwood Academy
    Dobbs Elem.*
    Dunbar Elem. 
    Fickett Elem. *
    Finch Elem. *
    Harper Archer Elementary* 
    Heritage Elem.*
    Hollis Innovation*
    Humphries Elem.*
    Hutchinson Elem.*
    Jones Elem.*
    Kimberly Elem. *
    Miles Elem.*
    Perkerson Elem. *
    Peyton Forest Elem.*
    Scott Elem. *
    Usher Elem. *

    If you are interested, please visit www.enrollearlyatl.com and apply today!

    Please note that availability is subject to change at any time. This list will be updated every Friday.

    Questions? Contact the Office of Early Learning at 404-802-3540 or email us at prekinfo@atlanta.k12.ga.us .