Pencil Pouch (Not boxes)111
Poly-plastic two pocket folder (BLUE)1222222
Poly-plastic two pocketfolder (various colors)224565
2 inch 3 ring binder1
Primary Composition Book1132
Composition Book2426
3 Subject Notebook2
Packs of Notebook Paper121
500 Sheet Pack of White Copy Paper11Boys- 12122
500 Sheet Pack of Colored Copy Paper121
#2 Pencils24242424484824
24 Count Crayons2332221
Colored Pencils1111
Highlighters122- Yellow4- Yellow
Black Sharpies221
4- Pack Dry Erase Expo Markers1Girls- 12111
Black Dry Erase Expo Markers22211
Expo White Board Cleaner11
Dry Erase Eraser1111
Large Block Eraser11321
Glue Sticks44554106
Scissors1- Blunt tip1- Blunt tip1111
Post It Notes Packs223221
Index Cards211
Headphones or earbuds11111
Gallon Ziploc Bags11Boys- 111
Quart Ziploc Bags11Girls- 111
Sandwich Bags111
Canister of disinfecting hand wipes11
Facial Tissues2222212
Hand Soap12
Hand Sanitizer (Large Bottle)`11111
Paper Towels22232434661
Clorox/Lysol Wipes2222212
Baby or Facial Wipes112
Hand Soap1
Hand Sanitizer (Large Bottle)112111
Paper Towels222211
Clorox/Lysol Wipes22211
Baby or Facial Wipes2