• The Bolton Academy PTA is a volunteer organization that focuses on educating parents, engaging the community and supporting our wonderful teachers.  PTA hosts FREE events throughout the year including Fall Festival, School Dance and BINGO.  We provide child-care during parent engagement nights, volunteer opportunities at Accelerated Reader parties, Hispanic History month, Black History month, field day and other events held at the school during the year.      

    Bolton Academy’s PTA Membership is supported through “Hooty’s Nest Egg” donations and continued support of Soaring Owl Foundation (SOFi) fundraising throughout the year.  

    The PTA Executive board meets once a month (first Tuesday of the month) throughout the year.  Everyone is invited to attend these meetings.  There are also three larger general meetings over the course of the year that coincide with school-wide family events.     


    Ways to support Bolton Academy PTA:

    -Attend monthly meetings and family events during the school year

    -Sign-up for volunteer opportunities found in the Hoot

    -Donate to the Soaring Owls Foundation


    If you have any questions or would like to learn more about PTA, please visit our Bolton Academy PTA FaceBook page or email president@boltonacademy.org