• The Bolton Academy PTA is a volunteer organization that focuses on educating parents, engaging the community and supporting our wonderful teachers and staff. PTA hosts FREE events for the entire Bolton community throughout the year. To see a list of the PTA's events for this school year, please refer to the Bolton Academy school calendar here. PTA event information and PTA requests for volunteers are always in The Weekly Hoot and on the PTA Facebook page. Please click here to sign up to receive The Hoot and click here to join the PTA Facebook page.

    The PTA Executive Board meets once a month throughout the year. Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Bolton Academy Media Center.  Everyone is invited to attend these meetings. There are also at least two larger general meetings over the course of the year that coincide with school-wide family events. Notice of these meetings will be in The Hoot and on the PTA Facebook page. 

    The PTA held our monthly Executive Board meeting at 6 p.m., Tuesday, Jan. 3rd. The meeting minutes are here. Team positions are opening up for the 2023-2024 school year. If you're interested in learning more about the PTA and/or being part of our fun team, please fill out this google form for more information.


    The 2022-2023 PTA Executive Board:

    Co-Presidents: Carrie Herold & Latonya Warden

    Coordinates volunteer efforts; serves as primary link between the PTA and the principal; conducts monthly Executive Board meetings and General PTA meetings; coordinates materials and volunteers for school events; represents the school through the North Atlanta Parents for Public Schools (NAPPS) organization; and works with the Atlanta Board of Education and Atlanta Public Schools (APS) on any issues of importance to the school.

    Co-President Elect: Shannon Bell

    Assists the President at all events; participates in all Executive Board and General PTA Meetings to learn the specifics of Bolton Academy’s PTA budgeting and other related needs prior to taking office. 

    Vice President of Events: Kristen Lancaster 

    Oversees the school’s family fun events and recruits volunteers throughout the school year and for the following fall semester.

    Vice President of Events Elect: Charity Manns

    Supports the VP of Events with the school events and volunteers.

    Vice President of Communication: Kate Herane & Nikelle Klareich

    Oversees communications produced by the school; Website, Facebook, calendar, Weekly Hoot, Directory, Newsletters, and Community PR.

    Vice President of Community Engagement: Amy MyCoskie 

    Guides efforts to bridge the school and local businesses, events, and community support.

    Vice President of Community Engagement Co-Elects: Brianna Day & Vivian Coates 

    Supports the VP of Community Engagement to learn more about the community needs before taking office.

    Vice President of Teacher Support: Adrianne Barkell

    Oversees the teacher appreciation events; recruits volunteers throughout the school year.

    Secretary: Anna Bilyeu

    Attends PTA Board Meetings and takes minutes for the Board approval; maintains the school database to keep member records up to date.

    Treasurer: Emrys Treasure

    Handles the accounting of the PTA funds and the annual PTA budget; files tax returns

    Treasurer Elect: Kelley Conway

    Assists the Treasurer; supports the Treasurer in their efforts to balance and maintain the PTA budget for the school year. Prepares to take office in the future.

    Room Parent Coordinator: Ann Sauer 

    Supports teachers in recruiting Room Parents; aims to streamline communications efforts between parents and teachers for class events and classroom needs.

    Fifth Grade Chair: Lucy Parks

    Guides efforts for the graduating class and their last year at Bolton Academy; recruits and plans for fifth-grade special events and graduation.

    If you have any questions, would like to learn more about PTA, or join the PTA executive board, please email pta@boltonacademy.org. 


    PTA Fundraising Information:

    Bolton Academy’s PTA Membership is supported through “Hooty’s Nest Egg” donations and continued support of Soaring Owls Foundation (SOFi) fundraising throughout the year. Click here to donate to SOFi.

    Your purchase of Bolton Academy Spirit Wear supports the Bolton PTA! Bolton Spirit Wear can be found here


    PTA Meetings for the 2022-2023 school year:

    August 9th

    September 13th

    October 4th

    November 1st

    December 6th

    January 3rd

    February 7th

    March 7th

    April 11th

    May 2nd