• The Bolton Academy PTA is a volunteer organization that focuses on educating parents, engaging the community and supporting our wonderful teachers and staff. PTA hosts events for the entire Bolton community throughout the year. To see a list of the PTA's events for this school year, please refer to the Bolton Academy school calendar here. PTA event information and PTA requests for volunteers are always in The Weekly Hoot and on the PTA Facebook page. Please click here to sign up to receive The Hoot and click here to join the PTA Facebook page.

    The PTA Executive Board meets once a month with 2-3 General PTA Meetings throughout the year. If you are interested in being part of the PTA in big and small ways, please reach out to the PTA through this link or the QR Code below. 


    YEAR 2024-2025


    Shannon Bell & Jaime Middleton | Co-Presidents Coordinates volunteer efforts with the Board. Serves as the primary link between the PTA and the principal. Conducts monthly Executive Board meetings and General PTA meetings (Fall & Spring). Supports the Board Members and school administration to create the PTA programming and events for the school year. Supports the Treasurer with the budget designated by the school Principal and allotted through SOFI. Represents the school through the North Atlanta Parents for Public Schools (NAPPS) organization. 

    Kelley Conway | Treasurer Manages the accounting of the PTA funds allotted from administration and Soaring Owl Foundation. Works with PTA Presidents to oversee the annual PTA events and expenses in the budget. Keeps meticulous overall financial records. 

    Crystal Bailey | Secretary Attends PTA Board meetings and takes minutes for the Board approval, maintains records of PTA meeting minutes accessible in the Hoot and PTA website page. Manages communication in the Hoot and social media.

    Brittany Church | VP of Teacher Support Oversees the teacher appreciation events. Three main events in fall, winter & teacher appreciation.

    Daphne Walker | VP of Events Oversees the school’s family-fun events and works closely with event chairs to plan and execute school events. Works with the Treasurer to approve the event budget.

    Kim Zirnstien | VP of Parent Outreach Leads in recruiting Room Parents. Supports streamlining communication efforts between parents and teachers for class events and classroom needs.

    (OPEN) VP of Communications | Coordinates all PTA communication to parents and the community through the school newsletter and social media accounts.


    PTA Volunteer Sign-Up | 2024-2025 


    PTA Fundraising Information:

    Bolton Academy’s PTA Membership is supported through “Hooty’s Nest Egg” donations and continued support of Soaring Owls Foundation (SOFi) fundraising throughout the year. Click here to donate to SOFi.