• In-Person Learning Safety Manual

    Please take the time to read this thorough overview of our safety procedures in the In-Person Learning Safety Manual. This document is lengthy and includes an executive summary, but please read through it in it’s entirety if you have chosen the in-person learning model. 

    This procedure manual, although complete in scope, remains a living document. Opportunities remain open for members of our community to raise concerns, seek clarification or bring forward new ideas. At the same time, this document will allow us to move forward in our planning with the aim of reducing the struggles of children and youth under pandemic conditions while maximizing the ability of adults to stay safe and keep the young people entrusted to them safe. While some details will continue to be refined due to community dialogue and emerging insights from science, this document reflects the best thinking of world-class experts in their fields who are personally invested because their children attend our schools.  Thank you to the members of our team who contributed greatly to the development of this manual.

    Click below to open the manual.


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