• Nutrition

    All students will be required to pay for their meals either through My School Bucks or by being approved for free or reduced lunch. See the information below on how to apply or to set up your My School Bucks account.

    The students go down the meal line to receive their meals and provide their 5-digit lunch code to track their meal purchases. Please ask them at home if they know their code yet! The weekly breakfast and lunch menus are posted HERE. You will need to scroll to the bottom of the page to view the August information.

    If a student asks to go through the school meal line, we are required to serve them a meal regardless if they have a My School Bucks account set up yet. It is very important to discuss with your child if they plan to eat school breakfast and/or lunch so you are not surprised by unexpected meal charges. You will begin receiving email statements from APS nutrition if you owe money. Please know that unless you qualify for free or reduced meals, you will be charged if your child goes through the line.

    My School Bucks Account

    Please click HERE to see how you set up a My School Bucks account to pay for your meals. We are not authorized to take cash or checks so you must have funds on your My School Bucks account to stay current.

    Free or Reduced Lunch Application

    In order to qualify for free or reduced lunch status, families will need to complete the Free & Reduced Lunch Application. If you think you may qualify, fill out an application online by clicking HERE.  If you need help completing the online form, you can call the front office or email melanie.haley@apsk12.org.