• Kindergarten
    Our lessons are based on the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) for K-5 Modern Languages develop students’ skills in the  areas of listening, speaking, reading, writing and cultural competence.  Our major emphasis is on oral communication as students learn basic information about themselves and other themes listed in the GPS.

    December 2013 - January 2014 

    Frutas (Fruits)

    La manzana (apple)

    La naranja (orange)

    Las uvas (grapes)

    La piña (pineapple)

    La pera (pear)

    El tomate (tomatoe)

    Verduras (Vegetables) 

    La papa (potatoe)

    La lechuga (lettuce)

    El maíz (corn)

    La zanahoria (carrot)

    Refrescos (Drinks)

    La leche (milk)

    El café (coffee)

    El agua (water)

    El jugo (juice)

    El té (tea)

    El chocolate con leche (chocolate milk)

    Expresiones (Expressions)

    Tengo sed,

    Tengo hambre

    Me gusta

    No me gusta

    Mi comida favorita es

    Verbos (Verbs)

    Comer - Yo como (To eat - I eat)

    Beber - Yo bebo (To drink - I drink)

    Proyecto (Project)

    Fruit and Veggies book