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    1PM Show (not in show order)

    Nicolas & Harry Holz, Luke Mawson-Puckhaber, Cora Weeks, Danika Kolay, Cara Yang, Oliver Walsh, Willa Kruskamp, Sylvie Lackey, Ada Kearns, Nora Magnuson, Quinn & Drennan Adams, Pfeiffer Mayers, Naiya Gross, Olivia Henderson, Reese Kruskamp, Maefaire Rogovin, Auden & August Fox, Wren Seals, Campbell Tate, Clara Bloomfield, Lily Schraeger, Ella Douglass, Hudson Williams, Giuliana Fabrizio, Beatrice Lemon Magnuson, Lorelei Russell & Liya Yalew

    3PM Show (not in show order)

    Katie Maeve Walsh, Declan Cherney, Margaret Cherney, Eli de Nie, Seija Olson, Meredith Thompson, Teddy Sandhaus, Raisel Granier, Aubrey Fischel, Catherine Eason, Melodi B, Grace Garbarino, Vivian Baker, Vivian Kemerer, Wilder Chase, Naomi Smith, Ellery Teras, Adeline Khoury, Tess Oseicki, Grey Wolk, Witt Wolk, Lyla Hancharick, Llewin Levine, Hayden Pittman, Naomi Robles, Norah Lawley, Ella de Roode, Thomas Sandhaus, Regina Styczynski, Sabina Uroic, Moira Stonestreet, Rose Schumacher, Nathaniel Barrow, Zoe Norwood, Synnove Olson

    Backstage (both shows)

    Piper Rethinger, Evie Van Matre, Mae Leach, Gretchen Oakley & Julia Young



    Please note there are 2 shows, and tickets for each show are sold separately. You may edit your ticket and t-shirt quantity once in PayPal. 

    *** The 3PM show has sold out!

    *** Some tickets are still available at the door for the 1PM show. 

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