• Linapalooza LIVE is back! We are excited about seeing all of our amazing performers and our guests cheering them on!

    Online ticket sales are CLOSED

    ** The 2:00 pm show is SOLD OUT**

    **Tickets for the 4:00 pm will be available for purchase at the show**


    2 PM Show (not in show order) 

    Nicolas & Harry Holz, 

    Millie Berngartt, Ada Clark, Cecilia Salafranca, Celeste Young 

    Reese Kruskamp

    Luke Mawson-Puckhaber

    Wren Seals & Lilah Wildstein

    Evie Seals & Harper Gyengo

    Evie Cook & Emma Brogan

    Hudson Williams 

    Danika Kolay

    Cora Weeks and Drew Pittman

    Emeric Tirfoin 

    Sabina Uroic

    Nazanin Saghafi 

    Maya Chotin & Marlo Yonas

    Piper Pelletrier & Harlee Weeks

    Emrys Pengelly

    Nora & Lemon Magnusun

    Wilder Chase

    4PM Show (not in show order)

    Thomas Christensen

    Vivian Baker

    Ramona McGrath & Hawkins Green

    Zane Jensen

    Aniyah Neasman-Byfield

    Thomas McDaniel

    Frances Koval

    Ada Covington

    Adeline Harrel

    Julianna Douglas & Lyla Hancharick

    Naomi Robles

    Maefaire & Georgette Rogovin

    Llewin Levine, Bridget McGlynn, Annabel Smith

    Rowen Washington & Adeline Harrel

    Victoria Weidert 

    Aileen Styczynski & Moira Stonestreet

    Nathaniel Barrow

    Raisel Granier, Gretchen Oakley, Piper Rethinger, Elodie Sawicki 

    Backstage (both shows)

    Esme Granier, Evie Van Matre, Mae Leach & Julia Young



    Please note there are 2 shows, and tickets for each show are sold separately. You may edit your ticket and t-shirt quantity once in PayPal. 

    The 2:00 pm show is currently SOLD OUT