Physical Education

  • Welcome to a new year of physical education at Mary Lin!

    Participation is the foundation of our physical education program. Students are participating in individual and team activities to develop self-confidence, sports skills, sportsmanship, and basic fitness practices.
    This year we are implementing the FITNESSGRAM assessment. It will look at flexibility, aerobic capacity, muscular strength and endurance, and body composition. We hope the results will help promote life-long healthy habits. See the FITNESSGRAM link on the navigation bar for more infomation.
    Who are we? We are Stephanie Bennett-Walker and Kelly Browning.. 
    Dr. Bennett-Walker - "I have been teaching at Lin for 17 years, and two of my three children are students here at Lin.  I am also very proud to share I am a former member of the track and field team at The Ohio State University.  My favorite activities include camping, hiking up Stone Mountain, and watching "Dancing with the Stars."
    If you wish to contact us, please email us at the following addresses: