• Lin Enrichment and Extracurricular Programs (LEEP)

    Mary Lin Elementary recognizes that learning does not end in the classroom. Supporting ongoing education and enrichment classes gives Lin students opportunities to furtherexplore their interests and discover new ones, which allows students to engage in physical and mental focus in new ways. Lin Enrichment and Extracurricular Programs (LEEP) upholds the standards set forth by Lin Elementary while working with our community. LEEP encourages students to excel both inside and out of the classroom.

    Learn More about our The Club After School HERE!


    LEEP Extracurricular Activity Offerings for Spring 2021


    Enjoy painting, drawing, collage, clay, printmaking, book arts, music, art history and nature arts. Zoom classes beginning Monday, January 25th, From 2:45-3:45 pm. Minimum number of students: 6. For $190- per session. We will not meet on holidays.

    Contact​: Sylvia Cross; 404-377-7747; ​ms.sylvia.cross@gmail.com




    ContactPoint is offering small classes for “in person” sports, activities, and arts. Utilizing local parks and our Little 5 Point location, we will offer tennis, soccer, ultimate, golf, flag football, and of course our multi sport class with tree climbing. We are also teaming up with partners for music, dance, art, and yoga!

    Have a small “pod” of children and want your own PLAY DAY? We can do that too!

    ContactPoint PLAY DAY will offer a new multi sport class on ​Wednesdays from 12:30-2:00 at Candler Park​. Soccer, dodgeball, kickball, capture the flag, and more!

    Monda​y Candler Park

    Golf 230-4

    Multi Sport 3-430

    Track 3-4

    Multi Sports in L5P’s 3-5


    Candler Park

    Ultimate 3-430

    Flag Football 3-430

    Art and Multi Sports in L5P’s 3-5


    Candler Park

    Multi Sports 1230-200

    Flag Football 3-430

    Multi Sport 3-430

    Multi Sports in L5P’s 3-5 ​


    Candler Park Golf 230-4

    Multi Sport 3-430
    Art and Multi Sports in L5P’s 3-5

    ​Friday Candler Park

    Track 3-4

    Disc Golf 3-430 Multi Sports in L5P’s 3-5

    https://www.atlcp.org/fall-covid-programs/ Contact ​DavidE@ATLCP.org​ for more info.

    LEGO CLUB (K - 5TH)

    Welcome to the Bricks4Kidz Virtual Master Builders Club! Have a Master Builder that can’t get enough of LEGO® & STEM Learning? You’ve come to the right place! This club combines the best of individualized education and instruction, high-quality LEGO® fun, exploration and entertainment, and a top-of-the-line LEGO® building kit at an unbeatable price. In our virtual classes, students will get access to:

    • Live, small-group instruction from our Resident Grand Master Builders. In these LEGO building classes, students (10 maximum) get grouped with their friends and build a different unique LEGO® project using our building kit, acquiring S.T.E.M. skills and knowledge along the way.
    • Hundreds of professionally made pre-recorded building classes in an exclusive digital library, so you can build whenever, wherever!

    • A top of the line, exclusive LEGO® kit that can build over 1,500 unique projects!
    • Bricks4Schoolz LEGO & Math online gaming platform, where students go through a web-based game and adventure. Using their Bricks4Kidz kit, they build models and learn and practice math standards on their quest to becoming a "Grand Master Builder."



    Our Virtual, web-conference-led coding program offers a skill level progression of coding concepts, where students will be introduced to basic coding with a fun, user-friendly coding software before moving to more complex coding platforms, while collaborating together and with our instructor via web video-conference classes.

    Students will develop a range of coding and problem-solving skills as they create fun video games.

    Each game progressively teaches more advanced capabilities within the video game design software. Students will be proud and excited to actually play their very own completed video games!


    Spunky Arts

    Spunky Arts will be offering small-group (up to 7) online weekly classes designated specifically for Mary Lin students so student friends can see each other (and teachers that many of them already know) each week in each of the following subjects;

    • ●  Drawing

    • ●  Comics Creation

    • ●  Comics Drawing

    • ●  Art in Spanish (different from our in-class at Lin)

    • ●  Crafting & Collage

    • ●  Crochet for Young Learners

      Mary Lin designated classes will be added on or around August 7th. You can find them as they are added here: ​https://www.spunkyarts.com/locations-registrations​.

      We will also offer small group in-person classes for pods that are distanced and following all recommended protocols, outdoors in the Mary Lin neighborhoods, at our studio in downtown AvondaleEstates, or in local spots close by. We will add more of these classes as we are able to safely. Contact us for more information or for specific requests at: ​SpunkyArts@gmail.com​.


    Kid Chess Online is an exciting online club with elite, kid-friendly coaches.
    Chess is a gym for your brain. Enjoy and benefit from our safe, engaging, online playground.
    Chess is shown to improve decision making, planning, academic performance, test scores, and critical thinking.

    January 25 - May 6
    Mondays: 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM ET
    Tuesdays: 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM ET
    Wednesdays: 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM ET; 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM ET Thursdays: 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM ET

    Act now! $175 for students signing up before January 1st. Limited spots available.
    Test the waters with a 4 week trial of Kid Chess Online for only $65! Or sign up for an all-access-pass (all !ve clubs) for $270.

    Info:​ ​https://www.kidchess.com/kid-chess-online/online-clubs
    Registration: ​https://www.kidchess.com/register/
    And more info here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-m-lrPDhFhbEBZF27zNNUxXfnnOymVWP/view?usp=sharing

    Girls on the Run

    Mary Lin Programming TBD​ h​ ttps://www.girlsontherunatlanta.org/

    Kid TV


    More info about classes:



    Big Thinker

    Here is info for our virtual classes.

    • They are live through zoom and on demand through a member portal.

    • We will ship a materials kit directly to enrollees in advance to be used during our hands on classes.

    • Big Thinkers Virtual Science Club
      Ignite your child’s curiosity in science! Students scientifically engage by experimenting with awesome chemical reactions, amazing demonstrations, and innovative hands-on applications! Our virtual club meetings cover an exciting new topic every week and have live and on-demand options. You will receive a package in the mail that has experiment materials for each class along with bonus projects to further extend your child's “Big Thinkers experience”. Also offering virtual parties and drop in classes.website address: www.bigthinkersscience.com


    Our virtual program will get your child on their feet and moving!​ At Atlanta Karate we strive to educate children not only in martial arts, but in all aspects of life. We teach discipline, respect and coordination in a fun filled environment. Our after school program has been serving the local community since 2005. We believe the martial arts are good for you physically, mentally and spiritually. Our goal is to build better martial artists, as well as better people.

    Karate Beginners

    2 Purple Stripes

    8 Week Virtual Karate Class
    Class Dates: ​Please contact for details
    Cost: ​Beginners - $145 (includes uniform and patches) Returning Student - $120 Registration: ​​http://www.atlantakarate.org/mary-lin.html
    AK Website:​ ​http://www.atlantakarate.org/index.html
    Contact: ​Sensei Doug Storm 404 697 8222 ​atlantakarate@gmail.com

    Karate Advanced

    Purple - Green belt
    This class is for Advanced Atlanta Karate students that are Purple Belts and up.

    8 Week Virtual Karate Class
    Class Dates: ​Every​ ​Monday Jan. 4th - Feb. 22nd.
    Time: ​3-4pm
    Cost: ​Returning Student w/uniform - $145 (includes uniform and patches) Returning Student no uniform - $120
    Registration: ​​http://www.atlantakarate.org/mary-lin-advanced-ranks-mondays.html
    AK Website: ​http://www.atlantakarate.org/index.html
    Contact: ​Sensei Doug Storm 404 697 8222 ​atlantakarate@gmail.com