• Mary Lin Music
    Welcome to Music at Mary Lin!
    Here at Mary Lin Elementary, we make music following 10 big guidelines that go along with our Georgia Performance Standards!
    • Singing
    • Performing on instruments
    • Reading and Notating music
    • Improvising in music
    • Composing
    • Listening to, Analyzing, and Describing music
    • Evaluating Music
    • Making connections with history and culture
    • Moving to music

    All students take General Music once a week with Mr. Marvel.

    In 4th grade and 5th grade, students get the opportunity to take an additional ensemble option of band or orchestra with Ms. Wade.

    2nd and 3rd Graders who are interested in doing more singing in a group setting and to develop music-reading and sight-singing skills should join Training Chorus which happens after school on Mondays.
    4th and 5th Graders who want to do more singing, sight-reading, harmonizing, and music-making should join Advanced Chorus after school on Fridays.
    Mr. Marvel also helps with the Grady Cluster Music Club - a group open to all 4th and 5th grade students from Hope-Hill, Lin, Morningside, and Springdale park who want to sing, play instruments, and make new friends.  Rehearsals take place at Hope-Hill Elementary School on Thursdays.