• Breakfast and Lunch at Mary Lin


    Meal Payment for 2022-23 School Year

    Paying for Breakfast and Lunch: 

    Parents may make pre-payments to children’s individual meal account, through MySchoolBucks.  Please call APS Nutrition Customer Service 404-802-2540 with any questions.

    1. Log on to MySchoolBucks
    2. Sign up for an account
    3. Activate your account
    4. Log into your account
    • Students are given “lunch numbers” to use to buy food from their meal accounts. Students are expected to know their lunch numbers after the initial start of school.
    • Students are responsible for remembering their lunch or lunch money, but if it is forgotten, the cafeteria will provide a meal. A note will be sent home if your child has charged a meal.  
    • Plain milk is available for purchase separately.  
    • Cash may be given to the café staff as well, though they can't make change. Change will be applied to the students account. 

    You can view the monthly breakfast and lunch menus HERE on the APS Nutrition page. Scroll down to "Elementary" and click "APS and Centennial Elementary".

    Free & Reduced Lunch Application for 2022-23 School Year

    Last school year, the entire Midtown Cluster was a part of the Community Eligibility Program (CEP).  This provided free meals to every family enrolled in our cluster. 

    For the 2022-23 school year, the Midtown Cluster, with the exception of Hope Hill Elementary, will not be a part of the CEP program. Moving forward, families will have to pay for their child to eat school breakfast or lunch unless that family qualifies for Free & Reduced lunch status. 

    In order to qualify for free or reduced lunch status, families will need to complete the Free & Reduced Lunch Application. 

    You must complete one application for your household, listing all children attending APS on one application. Once you complete the application requesting free or reduced lunch, you will be notified of your child's status once the application has been processed.  Students are expected to pay the full price for meals until the application has been processed and the eligibility status is sent to the school.   Click on the link below to apply.

    Free & Reduced Lunch Application