• Ms. Snyder's SAT Word Of The Day
    Word List

    2nd Grade
    Abhor, counterfeit, enfranchise, hamper, kindle, noxious, placid, remuneration, talisman, abrasive, bilk, covert, engender, hangar, knotty

    3rd Grade
    Acrid, boorish, cynical, epistle, heresy, lance, obscure, poignant, respite, terse, acrophobia, bourgeois, debility, epistolary, hiatus

    4th Grade
    Alacrity, burgeon, deleterious, euphemism, hypocritical, lethargic, ogle, postulate, robust, tractable, alchemy, burnish, deliberate, euphony, iconoclast

    5th Grade
    Ambivalence, cantankerous, derogatory, exemplify, impecunious, lucid, ornate, precipice, salubrious, truant, ambulatory, capacious, desecrate, exhaustive, impious