• Click here for sports tryout information.

    Tryout Eligibility

    Students must have passed 5 of 7 classes last semester and have an eligible physical exam packet online.

    Contact: Please contact coaches for specific questions about each sport. For general information, contact Athletic Director Vincent Barnes

    Required Forms & Physical

    Please create a DragonFly Max profile and enter your child's information for students participating in district-sanctioned sports.

    Please create a Privit profile and enter your child's information for students participating in sports sponsored by our PTA.

    Paper forms of physical exam forms are no longer accepted. Need help determining which profile to create? Click here.

    No student will be allowed to participate without the proper paperwork.

    Athletic Activity Fees

    Currently, the PTA funds a portion of the annual expenses incurred by the Sutton Athletic Department, in addition to monies budgeted by APS. However, the cost to successfully compete, provide coaching stipends, provide transportation to and from events, upgrade uniforms and equipment, scoreboard operators, field and facility maintenance, snacks and refreshments, after school supervision, and more generally exceeds the funds available through APS and the PTA.


    To offset those costs, we ask parents of participating athletes to pay an Athletic Activity Fee for each sport that will supplement the funds received by APS. The fees vary per sport based on need and cost per student to operate successfully. After a roster is selected, the coach or team manager will notify parents and collect the appropriate team fees.