• Thank you to all of our families and students who were able to attend the 2020 Celebration of Learning. It was a lot of information so we wanted to share it here for your review and for our families who could not attend.


    Celebration of Learning Kick Off 


    Grade Level Meetings 

    Kindergarten                  Password: Yx0u0*Xa

    1st Grade                      No password required.

    2nd Grade                     No password required.

    3rd Grade                      No password required.

    4th Grade                      No password required.                      

    5th Grade                      No password required.


    Special Interest Meetings 

    Virtual Learning Platforms Overview                  Password: 0xwf!Jb7

    Dual Language Immersion (DLI) Q & A              Password: e5!1APRM

    Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)                 Password: 4^Dxct&R