• Atlanta Public Schools Mission

    Through a caring culture of equity, trust, and collaboration, every student will graduate ready for college, career, and life.

    Atlanta Public Schools Vision

    Our vision is one of a high-performing school district where students love to learn, educators inspire, families engage and the community trusts the system.

    School Goals

    BMHS administrators and leadership team have studied our performance data. Goals extracted from our school-wide plan are highlighted below.

    By the end of the 2022 school year, we will:

    • Increase the graduation rate to 83% by July 2022.
    • Decrease the number of student off track for graduation by 10% per cohort by July 2022.


    Parent's Right To Know

    In compliance with the requirements of the Every Student Succeeds Act statute, APS informs parents that you may request information about the professional qualifications of your student’s teacher(s). The following information may be requested:

    • Whether the teacher has met the Georgia Professional Standards Commission requirements for certification for the grade level and subject areas in which the teacher provides instruction;
    • Whether the teacher is teaching under an emergency or other provisional status through which Georgia qualifications or certification criteria have been waived;
    • The college major and any graduate certification or degree held by the teacher;
    • Whether the student is provided services by paraprofessionals, and if so, their qualifications.


    If you wish to request information concerning your child’s teacher’s qualification, please contact your school's principal.