•  Business and Entrepreneurship Academy (BEA)
                 BEA will provide opportunities for students to develop interests, skills, and knowledge in selected aspects of business and financial management (Banking, Investing, Accounting and Small Business Development).  Working in collaboration with the community, business partners, colleges, and parents, we will provide relationships that will build and reinforce the goals of the BEA.  It is our ultimate objective to ensure that our students are prepared to leave high school and enter into post-secondary options with a level of confidence, excellent skills, and a definite career focus. Therefore, it is the vision of BEA for students to be college- prepared and career-ready, equipped with 21st century work skills that will be developed in a small learning community environment.

    In an effort to attain academic excellence BEA staff will challenge all students, while providing them with the curriculum, instruction, assessment, support and time they need to meet rigorous academic standards.  BEA is a small learning community of adults and students. Within this community, stable and mutually respectful relationships will support all students’ intellectual, ethical, and social growth. It is the goal of BEA administration to make sure all students are in academically rigorous classes instructed by experienced and expertly prepared teachers.