Student’s Proof of Age Present one of the following:

    • A certified copy of a birth certificate; or

    • A federal, state, county, or school document with date of birth. Examples include a certified, hospital-issued birth record or birth certificate; military ID; valid driver’s license; passport; adoption record; religious record, signed by an authorized religious official; official school transcript; official immigration documentation; or affidavit of age sworn by parent/guardian or other authorized person accompanied by a certificate of age signed by a licensed, practicing physician which states the physician has examined the child and believes the age, as stated inthe affidavit, is substantially correct.

    For a fee, parents can order a birth certificate for a child born in Georgia through the state’s ROVER service. http://gta.georgia.gov/rover

    Proof of Authorized Person to Enroll

    The following persons are authorized to enroll students:

    • Parent (natural or adoptive)

    • Legal guardian

    • Foster parent appointed by a state agency

    • Sponsor for approved International Exchange

    • Program


    The person authorized to enroll should present oneof the following:

    • Driver’s license

    • State identification card

    • Passport

    • Other official photoidentification


    Proof that Family Lives in Atlanta Public School Attendance Zone

    Possible Living Situation #1

    • If you own and live in the resident property, you will need to provide:

    • Photo identification;

    • A deed or a mortgage statement in your name showing residence property address;

    • A Georgia Power bill (current within 30 days) in your name for the current month showing the residence property Possible Living Situation


    Possible Living Situation #2

    If you rent and live in the rental property, you will need to provide:

    •Photo identification;

    •Copy of Lease/Rental Agreement (or current HUD Certificate of Compliance/Annual Renew Notice);

    •A Georgia Power bill (current within 30 days) showing the residence property addres


    Possible Living Situation #3

    • If you are living at a property with the owner or being rented by another person, you will need to provide

    • Photo identification;

    • A deed, mortgage statement, or Lease/Rental Agreement (or current HUD Certificate of Compliance/Annual Renewal Notice) in the owner or primary renters name and showing residence property address;

    • Georgia Power bill (current within 30 days);

    AND • Three supporting documents in your name showing the residence property address.


    About Proof of Residency

    •Documents presented for proof of residency must reflect the name of the parent/guardian for the enrollment address 


    Immunization/ Health Certificates

    • Valid certificate of immunization (Ga. Health Dept. Form #3231), or a notarized Affidavit of Religious Exemption (available from school), completed bythe health department or your Georgia doctor. A valid Form #3231 must be marked with either “Date of Expiration” or as “Complete for School Attendance.” (A certificate marked with a “Date of Expiration” expires on the date indicated. A current certificate must be submitted within 30 days of expiration.) A medical exemption, if applicable, should be noted on Form #3231 with a current date of expiration.

    • Vision, Hearing, Dental and Nutrition Screening (Ga. Health Dept. Form #3300, rev. 2013), available from the health department or your doctor/dentist. Letters from appropriate healthcare professionals and out-of-state certificates are acceptable, if completed within the last 12 months and stapled to the state form.

    • Social Security Number (or Objection to Provide Social Security Number Form)


    Previous School Records (or records release authorization form)

    • Report cards or official school transcript

    • Withdrawal form from previous school

    • Discipline records for students enrolling in grades 9-12