• Greetings,
    It is my distinct honor and pleasure to welcome you to the Science and Mathematics Academy. Our vision is to prepare students for global competition in health science, technology, engineering, architecture and mathematics. Students optimally prepare for postsecondary studies and are expected to make substantial contributions to industrial, economic and social advancements. We implement a curriculum that is personalized, rigorous, and relevant.

    DanteThe Science and Mathematics Academy understands that providing a positive, vibrant school culture is integral in ensuring that students reach their potential. Through an interdisciplinary framework and a problem-based learning curriculum, our teachers will serve as facilitators, encouraging students to explore the realms of knowledge. Outside of the classroom, we strongly rely on parent and community involvement to provide additional educative experiences that enhance what students learned in the classroom.
    We are dedicated to exposing our students to learning beyond the walls of Mays. Falling back on our academy motto, we believe that there is “A Universe of Knowledge to Explore”.  Furthermore, we are committed to providing each child with an internship during their senior year in the areas of biotechnology, engineering, or architecture. Learning skills used by professionals from professionals give Science and Mathematics Academy students that competitive edge necessary for success in the 21st century.
    As a member of the Science and Mathematics Academy, you have joined a tradition of excellence at Mays High School. Aside from academic accomplishments, Mays stands as a force in Atlanta Public Schools from our distinguished fine arts programs to our victorious athletic teams.  We strongly encourage our students to participate in different extracurricular activities, as we understand the importance of producing well-rounded individuals. Mays has much to offer. I have no doubt that you will find your niche.

    I am so pleased and excited to welcome you not only to the Science and Mathematics Academy, but also to the Mays High School Raider family where our school motto is, A Legacy to keep, an image to uphold!

    Dante Edwards
    Academy Leader
    Email Address: deedwards@atlanta.k12.ga.us