• New Withdrawal Link: https://atlantapublicschools.jotform.com/231863760874971


    Withdrawal Policy

    In accordance with administrative regulations set forth by the Superintendent, unemancipated minor students transferring to other schools shall be withdrawn by their parents or legal guardians. The school may request proof of custody in situations involving multiple persons claiming control of the same student. In order to be considered a legal guardian, a certified copy of the court order granting guardianship must be presented to the school.

    Eighteen-year-old students and emancipated minor students transferring to other schools may withdraw themselves. Schools shall make reasonable attempts to notify the parent(s)/guardian(s) if the student resides with them.

    Schools may withdraw students without parental permission in accordance with state rule 160-5-1-.28, Student Enrollment and Withdrawal, and administrative regulations set forth by the Superintendent. Schools shall not withdraw students as a consequence for disciplinary infractions or as the result of excused absences as defined in policy JB Student Attendance.


    Withdrawal Process

    The withdrawal process for Atlanta Public Schools has now transitioned to being fully virtual. An online form, located below, will be completed by the enrolling parent/guardian. Simply click the link below and complete the form with the information requested.